Different Holiday Accommodation Options Travellers Can Consider

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Holiday accommodations or lodgings are a type of residential accommodations where travellers can stay while they are away from home. Generally, an ideal lodging offers shelter, space to keep one's belongings and baggage, parking and security. Other than these basic amenities, some accommodations also provide laundry services, food and a number of household functions. These varieties of lodgings are available globally, and travellers can choose the option they prefer depending on their tastes, requirements and budget. This post will share primary forms of holiday accommodations to help you know the lodging choices you can consider when you travel.


Hotels are a popular option for most travellers, and the services they offer come in various stars. The stars usually vary from one country to another because they are determined by the country, not a worldwide authority. A one-star hotel tends to offer a basic room with bare essentials, while a five-star one offers more luxuries amenities like comfy and bigger beds, better television, Wi-Fi, bars and restaurants, spa and fitness facilities, swimming pools, etc. So, whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or with family and friends, your needs will be met.


This accommodation features a collection of studios or one- and two-bedroom units. Most units often have necessary facilities like a bed, television and parking. Larger motels also offer cooking, laundry, restaurant, spa, sauna, and gym facilities as well as a swimming pool. Most travellers choose motels because they are more affordable when compared to other options.

Holiday parks/campgrounds

Holiday parks are a form of DIY accommodations set up in exotic and adventurous locations. This option is ideal for people who want to connect with nature. They mainly offer sites for caravans, tents and campervans. Some parks also have simple backpackers' lodges cabins and self-contained units. In this case, travellers carry their necessities then set up a camp or park a motorhome on the site. Common facilities like bathrooms and a kitchen are also offered, but you have to share them with other campers.


Resorts are mainly designed for people who are travelling for leisure purposes. For instance, they are ideal for newly wedded couples or anyone who wants to spend quality time in a serene and beautiful location. Resorts are located near or in tourist locations like beaches, theme parks, deserts, ski areas, etc. They are known for providing state-of-the-art amenities, including different recreation facilities like golf courses, ballrooms, tennis courts, swimming pools, spa, sauna and so on. Resorts are large, and some even cover acres of land.

Keep these distinctions in mind as you decide what holiday accommodations you want.