Three Rules Of Bed And Breakfast Etiquette For First Time Stayers

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It is never too early to make an accommodation booking for your Christmas vacation plans as the great deals get snapped up quickly. This year, you are looking for budget accommodation ideas so you can spend more of your money on experiences rather than the place you will stay. Bed and breakfasts are a great option because you get a bed for the night plus a meal the next morning without the more expensive tag that comes with staying at a hotel. However, as someone who has not stayed at bed and breakfast before, there are etiquette rules you should learn before making the booking. Consider these three thoughts so you can decide whether a bed and breakfast booking suit you and your family.

Providing Medical Information

One thing that bed and breakfast hosts pride themselves on is hospitality. They go out of their way to make sure you receive a unique, individualised service that is lacking from large hotels. So that they can constantly meet these standards, be sure to let your host know in advance if any of your party have medical or allergy concerns. For example, a person who uses a walker frame to get around will be allocated a bedroom close to the front door rather than at the back of the house. Guests with dietary needs such as being gluten-free are catered for at breakfast as long as the host knows about their issues in advance.

Declining Breakfast In Advance

One of the great things about the bed and breakfast experience is the breakfast the next morning. However, if you are staying at your B&B for several days, you may also want to try other breakfast eating spots in the area. So that your host doesn't waste food by cooking for guests who don't want to eat, it is polite to let them know as far in advance as you can that you won't be indulging in their morning feast.

Own Up To Accidents

When staying at a large hotel chain, you probably wouldn't give a second thought to a small spill in the bedroom. After all, housekeeping will be in the room the following day so they can take care of it. However, in a B&B the same etiquette rules apply as if you were visiting a friend's house. If you break something or spill liquids, let the host know as soon as you can so they can minimise the damage. It's always embarrassing to admit you had an accident, but the host will appreciate your honesty.

Once you make your booking, contact the host to find out if there is anything else they need to know. They are waiting for your call to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.